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Wireless Home Security with outstanding features and top reliability

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The ultimate aim for the functionality of Electronic Wireless Home Security equipment is for it to not fail you in an emergency. Never compromise your security risks by not first checking whether a wireless configuration is suitable for your home.  

Technology has improved exponentially allowing everyone affordable access to wireless technology. It’s becoming increasingly important to stay in touch with what’s happening at home when you’re not there.
The Solution to Complex Hardwired Systems
Home Security Systems were traditionally hard-wired, meaning that a network of cables was needed all over the property.

But alas,  no matter how well one planned, there are just too many variables that prevent one from using spare cables down the line when thinking of expanding or upgrading the system. That almost always means ripping up the paving or laying surface cables when an upgrade n to the system was needed.

Cables have usability for a number of years if left undisturbed. But life happens and before you know it they get damaged. You do some building additions or renovations; many a garden spade has severed gate- or intercom cables.
Save on wiring and time
A number of wireless systems have seen the light of day trying to minimise the need for cable in home security systems.

We’ve seen a large number of systems and products enter the market during the last 20 years, just to disappear off the shelves a year or two later. Some vanished simply because they were unreliable – Something not easily tolerated in the home security environment. Other times they were over-designed and ended up costing too much; wiring up a magnetic doormag for R20.00 is much more economical than to have had a wireless one for R500.00.

There were also a few products and systems which stood the test of time. Huge advances have been made in the wireless home security fields:  

  • GSM (cellular) technology
  • Intercom Systems
  • CCTV (Camera) Systems
  • Remote Controls
  • Alarm Systems
Ready to go wireless?
Hardwired systems are still the number one choice for many. However, wireless home security systems are delivering on its promises.  Many of these systems are available in a kit. It makes it ideal for the do it yourself enthusiast.

These are some aspects you may want to consider when planning your system.

  • There are still limitations / restrictions, particularly related to the distances and physical obstructions involved.
  • Wireless equipment has a limited battery life.
  • There are hybrid systems available, allowing a combination of hardwired- and wireless configurations.

Please check with a specialist before going wireless.  
A GSM Cellular wireless home security module will increase your peace of mind.

Digital Intercoms overcome Radio Interference.

Radio Intercoms are suitable over  longer distances and larger configurations.

Rest easy knowing your Chalet guests can get in touch with you.

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