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This Wireless Digital Intercom system is ideal for home or office use

Trend-setting Wireless Digital Intercom
We are delighted to announce the release of a new Mobile Wireless Digital Intercom System.

Wireless means the end to cabling frustrations which many home, or small business owner have to deal with from time to time. This system is hassle free for distances up to 70 meter; you won’t be disappointed.

There are no need for intercom wires between the gate and the building. You however do need a power source at the gate station. The back-up battery kicks in during a power failure or when the locally enforced load-shedding kicks in again. This is terrific if you simply cannot afford to be divorced from your gate.

This wireless digital intercom is ideal for smaller applications; the gate station comes equipped with only one button. It would require some form of manipulation if more than one intercom group (home | office) or (Home | Flat) or (Home | Staff) configuration is required. The same would apply for a complex. The only way to overcome this would be to have a separate kit for each grouping; meaning there will be a gate station for each group.

All handsets are wireless and operate like a portable phone. Battery life can be as long as 18 hours, so by charging them overnight will probably be more than sufficient if you to carry it with you during the day (even when taking a stroll in the garden).

You are not limited by the number of handsets. Any of the handsets can call all other handsets within this group.
Digital is Better
Traditional wireless radio intercoms are often installed in areas where it may pick up interferences form other two-way radios or intercoms in close vicinity. Computer Wi-Fi connections may also negatively affect traditional wireless systems.

Home owners who could not get conventional wireless intercom systems to work well were delighted by the results achieved by this (less costly) wireless digital intercom system.

It took four years of research and development to bring you the latest state-of-the art technology. It is also fully approved by the renowned South African communications regulator ICASA.
All our wireless intercoms are guaranteed for 12 months; however if it does not live up to your expectations, we'll give you a full refund on the equipment if it is returned to us within a two week window period.
Easy to use
Your visitor presses the push button on the gate station on arrival. They do not press any key to speak (some wireless system works that way). You may add multiple gate stations if you have more than one gate to the property.

There is an initial handset “paring” during installation that will link only your handsets to your gate station. All those handsets will ring when someone calls from the gate.

Only one person speaks at a time. Just as with a normal phone, you press the answer (green) button to connect with the gate station.

Press the PTT button when you want to talk to the visitor at the gate. Release it, and you’re in listen mode.

Press the gate release button to open the gate to allow the visitor access.

Multiple handsets can be added for the same house to have internal communication. So, if it’s a family friend, you can easily call hubby on his portable from where ever he is.
Enhance your Home Security System
This wireless digital intercom has a back-up battery that will ensure your intercom will work even during power failure or load shedding.

Multiple handsets put you in touch with other members of your family and staff with the press of a button. The mobility of the handsets mean you can stay connected to your intercom system from anywhere on the property; indoors or outdoors. This digital wireless intercom puts you within arm’s length of your intercom.
Detailed Features
  • Digital Radio Communication
  • Hands-free Use for Visitor & PTT for Resident
  • Gate Triggering (relay included)
  • Gate powered from supply (included) or gate motor 12v
  • Gate station battery Back-up with 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • There is a light sensor which illuminates the bell button at night.
  • Manual Programming
  • Mount on standard gooseneck or against wall
  • Selectable audio, visual or vibration alert
  • Outdoor temperature reading on handset
  • Handset with rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Low risk of lightning damage
  • Out-of-range and low battery level alert
  • Multiple Handsets (ZA-651 optional extra handset)
  • Additional Intercom Gate stations (ZA-652 optional extra)
  • Intercom function between handsets
  • Twelve month limited warranty
  • Fully approved by ICASA
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