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Wireless Chalet Intercoms

These wireless chalet intercoms are extremely suitable for guest houses/ holiday resorts/ bush lodges where communication is required with management/ reception/ game rangers.

It is an ideal solution in areas where it will be disrupting to the environment to lay cables for conventional intercom systems.

You can now offer your guests the peace of mind knowing they can have access to staff for any of their requests, or in case of an emergency.
The Equipment
Each chalet has a fixed intercom unit mounted. It plugs into 220 volt mains. This charges the unit’s own back-up battery.

The manager/ reception/ game ranger each have a mobile radio. These are set on scan so that they monitor if any chalet calls.
This is How it Works
Each chalet (fixed unit) is set on a dedicated channel; let’s say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... (Up to 15). This means they cannot listen in to each other.

Each mobile handset is set on scanning mode (channel 16) so it monitors these 1 to 15 channels. If chalet one calls, the mobile radios will lock onto the channel and they can respond. After a few seconds of no activity it goes back to scanning.

You could also dedicate a channel (e.g. number 7) for the mobile handsets to call each other. For instance, the manager can call the reception, or the reception the game ranger.

If the manager/ reception/ game ranger want to call a chalet, they turn the desired channel (1 to 15) and speak. Once done, they turn the channel to 16 for scanning.

Programming wireless chalet intercoms are done by buttons inside the units. We can program everything for you before the units are dispatched. You can even do it yourself if you wanted to.
Operating Range
The units have built-in antennas which will cover a long range of 500 meter in built-up areas and further in open areas. When operating within this range, you should not need any additional antennas.

The radios are portable so you can have them on you when moving around the property. Alternatively, they can remain in their chargers. It will keep the batteries charged).
Battery Life
This is how the average talk time on batteries is calculated. The batteries on the mobile units will last a total of about 15 hours if, for every hundred minutes; you talk for 5, listen for 5, and have it on standby for 90.

Batteries are usually replaced every 2-3 years depending on how they are treated. If charged only when flat and never left flat for more than a few days, you will get maximum life. If left on and in its charger most of the time they will need replacing every year.
Feel free to call me if you need any assistance.

Alternatively, let me know what it is you require by completing the form at the bottom of this page.
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