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Video Intercom Systems are not always suitable for all situations.

What to do with your Faulty Video Intercom
The installation of video intercom systems has never been high on our to-do-list, even after many decades of supplying and installing entry systems.

There were many practical reasons for that:

  • Our local conditions are often tougher than those for which these systems were originally designed for.
  • The distance between gate station and handset often exceeds the design specs.
  • For our local situations, there are other options and configurations available that will give a much better user experience.

My limited observations showed that video intercoms work well initially, but can turn into a nightmare when things start to go wrong.

However, keep in mind that this is a general observation based on systems observed in Gauteng, South Africa.

Not all video door intercoms are designed and manufactured equal; there are better quality systems available. My advice to you is to stay away from the “cheapies”. It will probably come back to haunt you in the long haul.

The Aiphone Video Intercom System is one such exception; there are a number of these door phone systems working well after a number of years of service.
You wake up to the fact that your door phone intercom system suddenly stopped working. What should you do?

I've been called out numerous times to assist after two or three failed attempts at repairs. This is what my observations points to:

  • Video intercoms are often not repairable due to the fact that printed circuit boards are used. The units are replaced with new if the supplier offer a technical support system for the product; this is more than often not the case. You’ll have to contact the manufacturer or distributor directly for assistance.
  • Finding a replacement unit may be quite a mission; video intercoms are sold as a kit. It may be difficult to get your hands on just a gate station, or just a handset.
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Perhaps the following suggestions will put you back on track and help you to look at it from a different perspective!
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