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Telephone intercoms are cost effectively used by many complexes

- Preferred by Residential Complexes -
Telephone intercoms were the first of a series of technologies to have been developed to assist the many residential complexes that were developed without intercom cables.

A fixed Telkom telephone line has to be set in place.

This technology has since been expanded to accommodate the GSM cellular networks as well where Telkom fixed lines are not present.

The initial cost to have one of these systems installed usually compares favourably to the cost of a wired intercom system.

But this is where the financial advantage normally ends. A wired intercom system requires very little maintenance and can be in operation for years without being a financial burden.

Telephone intercoms, on the other hand, require a Telkom- or contract with a cellular service provider.

These systems are supported by sophisticated software. It assists with the billing calculations to residents. It may even be helpful to pinpoint areas where the complexes security measures are failing due to breaches in access control guidelines.

A Telephone or GSM based intercom system has great advantages and features. It is important to look beyond the initial acquisition costs and calculate the financial burden over the longer term.
The Comb-range of GSM Cellular Systems
The Comb-range of GSM cellular network based systems has evolved over a couple of years starting with the B1000 and G2 models. The latest MKII has an embedded SIM chip limiting unauthorised and fraudulent calls.

These units are easy to install; cabling is minimal.

The default SIM card currently is Vodacom. Ensure that there is a reliable cell phone signal strength on the premises.  This must be checked not only at the entrance/ guard house, but also at the different units.

The management of the system is done over the internet.

It allows for bulk SMS and email facilities.
Residents can communicate with the guard.
Resident’s telephone numbers can be changed over the internet.
Various reports are available that can assist management with billing and gate openings.
There is very little maintenance required except for the occasional battery check.
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