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Sliding Gate Motors - An Overview

Choosing between different sliding gate motors for your gate may prove to be a daunting task. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

What is the best motor? Why are there such a great price difference between the different brands? How do I know if my choice will be the right one? Browsing the web and you'll get bombarded with incomprehensible specs.
The Two Most Important Considerations
The two most important aspect to consider when installing sliding gate motors:

  • How many opening and closing cycles (also called duty cycles) will the gate make in any given day? Take vehicle and pedestrian traffic into account.
  • Will the motor be strong enough to pull the weight of my gate?

Underestimate any one of these aspects and you'll likely have a motor that will give you endless trouble.

We list the different manufacturer's recommendations with the corresponding motors on the website.
Opening and Closing (Duty Cycle)
The anticipated duty cycle will play a role when deciding on a gate motor.

A complex with 120 units will use a gate motor much more intensively than a dwelling in the suburbs.

Most people underestimate their gate motor's daily cycles. The number of pedestrians using the gate is often much higher than they think.

Getting this number absolutely right may not be that critical for most domestic situations, but it will be important if you are perhaps operating a guest house or a small business from home.
Gate Weight
But how do you weigh a vehicle gate? You don’t. The weight can be calculated from material specs used in building it. But to keep things simple, consider the following:

It would be fairly safe to say that a lightly constructed three or four meter wide vehicle gate would weigh around 200 kg.
A similarly sized gate adorned with decorations, wood or plate inlays would seldom weigh more than 400 to 500 kg.
Four to five meter long gates covered with thick-steel plates or with heavy woodwork may push the scales to between 600 and 800 kg.
A seven meters long, four meter high industrial gates covered with thick steel plates may push the scale past 1000 kg.
Always use good quality wheels on sliding gates.
Other Considerations
A gate that is not installed properly can only be fixed later with huge expenses. It has to be installed level, else it will add unnecessary strain on the motor.

A gate motor that is not installed properly will also cause you problems in the long run.

Electrical cabling should be done according to the appropriate by-laws. Make sure that pipes and cables are installed away from areas where gardening activities (like flower beds) take place.

Ensure that the manufacturer's installation guidelines are followed.
Motor Features
Sliding gate motors all have different features. The average domestic user will typically have these features enabled:

  • Auto close (On or Off);(as well as auto close time).
  • Gate safety beams (Yes or No).
  • Collision sensitivity in the absence of safety beams.
  • Pedestrian entry for domestic staff or armed response.

Many of the long list of features built into motors are seldom implemented at domestic installations. These are put to use mainly in multi-unit environments.

Ad-on components enables you to open the gate via GSM technology with your cell phone, or send you a SMS when your gate opens. Feel free to ask about these functions by giving us a call.
Sliding Gate Motors - Manufacturers
Centurion Gate Motors
There are a number of models within its range to cater for a wide range of gate sizes and applications.

It is widely used and probably the most popular gate motor in Gauteng. It’s newly added D2, D10, and D5 Evo models are proof of its outstanding designs.

Centurion Sliding Gate Motors
Nice/Hansa Gate Motors
Hansa is known for the robust motors in its range. It is a good choice where a heavy gate is in use and a high opening cycle is expected.

The recent addition of a richly featured PC Board places them among the front runners.

NiceHansa Sliding Gate Motors
Gemini Gate Motors
Gemini is a locally manufactured gate motor on par with the leaders. It makes for an extremely easy installation; the programming of the motor is the easiest of any motors we’ve ever installed.

There are a models available for domestic or industrial applications.

Gemini Gate Motor
ET Gate Motors
ET is another locally manufactured gate motor. There are various models available for domestic, complex and industrial applications.

The Umpetha Slider in its range is a low cost alternative for a not so busy domestic application.

ET Gate Motors
What to do next.
Pick up the phone and call me if you need some more information on sliding gate motors. Alternatively, complete the request for information at the bottom of this web page.

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