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LED Security Floodlights

It is in your own interest to invest in high quality LED Security Floodlights. A well-lit home is a deterrent to any would-be intruder.

We are all doing our bit to reduce our footprint on the environment. The 500watt security lights of yesteryear were effective, but very power hungry. It put a huge strain on many an electricity budget. It follows that lights were used in only select areas; mostly linked to motion sensors (that worked erratic to say the least).

The current energy saving substitutes went a long way to reduce electricity consumption, but it fell short in providing really quality lighting.

LED lights are around for some time now. Research and development (especially 12volt configurations) have been ongoing for some time now. LED lights were deployed effectively in many areas; vehicle lights are one proof of that.

Although their application looked promising at first, the light intensity was not suited for the high demands placed on security lighting. Configuring an effective LED Security Floodlights solution took a little longer to perfect.

The good news is that groundbreaking results have been made in recent time. The configuration now ensures the best quality of security lights. Because LED’s have a very long life expectancy, it means that bulb maintenance is virtually zero. And most importantly, it uses about 90 percent less power – think what this can do for your electricity bill.
What Sufficient Security Lighting Can Do For You
The amount of burglaries are increasing everywhere over the country. Electronic perimeter security can be costly and is outside the reach of many. Efficient lighting is a very affordable alternative. You can now significantly increase your perimeter security without breaking the bank!

  • Keeping your outdoor area well visible will deter intruders from approaching your home. Most intruders observe a neighborhood or home for a period of time to form a plan of which home to attack. One sure way to deter them from targeting your home is to lighten up the outdoors after sunset.
  • It will decrease the risk of vandalism, or the opportunistic burglar.
  • It gives you the advantage of seeing what’s happening outside. Being forewarned gives you the advantage; the necessary time to take action.
  • A well lit outdoors make your home look safer, better and well kept.
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