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Intercoms for Complexes - What will keep the residents happy?

- Wired and Wireless -
A little background:

Hardwired intercoms for complexes were  were installed at residential complexes more than two decades ago;  many systems are still going strong.

These work horses are still costing very little in terms of running costs; perhaps the odd call-out or maintenance fee every now and then.

More sophisticated systems gas entered the arena for some time now, notably GSM based intercom systems.

As a result, very few developers of residential complexes still bother to have the reticulation in place for conventional hardwired intercom systems.  

But as time moves on, many older hardwired systems are experiencing a deterioration in the cabling. They are slowly being replaced with GSM based systems.

There are many advantages to having a GSM intercom installed instead of a hardwired system.

  • There are huge savings on conduit, cable, and labour costs.
  • Wireless GSM intercom systems fits today's lifestyle better. People seem to be more "on the go" making a GSM intercom solution almost a no-brainer.

GSM systems are less expensive to install than wired systems, but there is one drawback. All calls from the intercom is charged and become the responsibility of the Body Corporate or Home Owners Association.
Some Options to Consider
These are some of the highlights of the various systems we have available. It should guide you in the right direction.

Please follow the respective links for more detailed information.
GSM Based Intercom Systems for Complexes
GSM Based Intercom Systems puts less strain on the initial installation budged. Capital outlay is usually much less (depending on complex size).

The drawback over the long run is that there is a monthly telephone bill.

We have currently two systems available.

  • Systell X48 (up to 48 units).
  • MKII (up to 1500 units).
Systell-X48 GSM Based Intercom System (Up to 48 Users)
The X48 connects to BPT gate stations.

If your complex has an existing BPT gate station that is still serviceable, it will save you the cost of having to buy a new one.

It is an affordable option for complexes with up to 48 units. It has two relays with which to trigger gates. Each push button stores two phone numbers.

You may add up to 1000 trusted people's phone numbers to the system, thereby giving them permission to open the gate with a missed call.

The system stores 16000 events, making it possible to investigate any irregularity.
MKII GSM Based Intercom for Complexes up to 1500 users
The MKII is a sophisticated, efficient and effective secure cloud based GSM based cellular intercom system. It caters for up to 1500 units.

The MKII can be installed as a stand-alone unit. A visitor will punch the unit number into the keypad. If more than one phone number is registered, the visitor will be asked to choose one (Example HME, MR, MRS).

On answering the call, you can then open the gate from your phone by pressing a pre-defined digit.

MKII units are sometimes installed inside a guard house leaving it to the security guard to contact the resident for permission to open the gate.

On leaving the premises, your visitor is given a code to key in on a Tap-Tap keypad which is linked to the system. The keypad forms part of the overall management system. It makes it possible to investigate irregularities in case of undesirable or unlawful events.

The MKII can restrict and track the use of remote controls (Centurion’s Nova remotes). You can even put time-restrictions on the remotes limiting the movement of service personnel and domestic workers. Having a record of remote control usage makes investigating irregularities possible.

The MKII cellular intercom system offers you a unique management system removing much of the frustrations associated with administering access control for large complexes.

The management system allows bulk SMS and e-mailing to residential units.

Depending on the size of the complex, there may be a monthly fee for the use of the cloud-based management system.
BPT Wired Intercoms for Complexes
It may initially cost more to establish a conventional hardwired intercom system for a residential complex.

But, keep in mind that it can thereafter give you many years of service with a minimum of running costs.

Cable installation should be done by professionals; make sure to obtain a diagram from the installer for future reference.
Wireless Radio Intercom
The wireless radio intercom for complexes offer a great solution if there are no external radio interference to negatively affect the range.

It could be a winner with minimal cable requirements and no monthly call costs!

The critical factor is that these systems are limited in range, especially in heavy built-up complexes. Antennas placed strategically can overcome some of these obstackles.

The gate station comes equipped with a keypad, making it possible to connect to multiple users.

The handset(s) works like a two-two way radio; making it a great mobile handset. The number of handsets per unit is not limited.

It can be configured to open the gate.
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