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Leaders in Intercom Repairs for Residential and Commercial Systems

Intercom Repairs are expensive. You may want to do a quick check yourself before calling in a professional.

Ensure that:

  • Your intercom is switched on at the mains power.
  • Some intercoms are battery operated. These batteries last for many years and people forget about them. They are usually located in the handset. Replace.
  • Electrical spikes, over which you have little control, may cause an intercom not to work correctly. This may be fixed by switching off the power to the intercom. Switch it back on after a couple of minutes.
  • Inspect the gate station and clean off any insects (in particular ants) that may have nested inside. Do not use any water or moist solutions; use a dry brush. Spray with regular intervals and keep free from insects.
  • Inspect the visible part of the cable to determine if it is not damaged. Pay particular attention to this aspect if your intercom stopped working after you had some work done in the garden or renovations done to the house.

Have you worked through these possibilities and are still stuck with a faulty intercom. I guess there is little more for you to do than to call in the help of a technician.

Do not hesitate to call us if you reside Gauteng.
Things your Technician should do
Assuming that the basics detailed above were performed, the cables should be  checked next. If no cable faults are present, then the equipment are probably damaged.

Some of the better branded intercom systems have a repair network. Minor repairs are then possible.

Intercom repairs to systems of lower quality and lower value are seldom viable; it is simply not economically viable to do so.
Some Practical Solutions
Many of the no-frills home intercom systems are distributed as a kit. Finding replacement components are virtually impossible. You'll probably have to purchase a complete kit if you want to replace with the same.

A deterioration in cable quality may force you to change to a different intercom brand that requires a lower core cable. For example, where a BPT Intercom may need six core, a Polo- or Commax Intercom will work with only two core.

An average domestic situation will find a wireless digital intercom (70 meter range), or a wireless radio intercom (up to two kilometer range) a viable, affordable alternative to hardwired intercom systems.

GSM (cellular) technology makes it possible to incorporate your cellphone or land-line phone into your intercom system. Answer your intercom from anywhere - even when at the supermarket. You'll require a pre-paid SIM card for this wireless GSM intercom.

Residential complexes may solve their intercom repairs with a telephone intercom system.

Video intercom systems may be more difficult to fix.
Preventative Measures
Limit costly intercom repairs:

  • Intercom cables are exposed to the elements. They should be installed in protective PVC pipes.
  • Keep equipment free from insects and ants by regularly spraying. Consider the environment and use some of the many natural products available.
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Not sure if your Intercom is repairable anymore? Perhaps it's time to spoil yourself on some new technology.

The following suggestions will help you to look at it from a different perspective!
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