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GSM G-Speak Plus Cellular Intercom System

The GSM G-Speak Plus Cellular intercom offers a great deal of flexibility for the home owner or small business:

  • Our busy lives frequently takes us away from our homes. A GSM based intercom allows you the flexibility to open your gate for friends, colleagues and family when away from home, perhaps at the shops around the corner.
  • Your phone doubles up as your intercom's handset. Answering the gate from anywhere in the world will give you an “Always at Home” presence.
  • Get the kids to push the intercom button when they get home from school.
Affordable Convenience for the Home Owner
Operating and managing the GSM based G-Speak Plus Cellular Intercom System is as easy as working your cellphone.

The G-Speak Classic Plus is a GSM Intercom Module which accepts 2 intercom push buttons as input. Each button is configured with a maximum of two numbers.
Added features:

Listen Mode – This mutes the microphone at the Gate Station so that you can listen in at any activity at the gate.
Talk Mode – Use this mode to call the gate and talk to anyone there.
Up to 100 trusted people’s numbers can be stored to open the gate with a missed call; you can limit the movement (e.g. time) of these users.

Relay can be triggered by sending an SMS to the unit. This means that you can switch things on or off.

All users and settings are backed up on the cloud via the free and secure G-Web online interface. Add, edit and delete users, change input and output settings and view detailed transaction logs from the comfort of your home.
Operational Overview - How does the G-Speak Classic Work?
A push on the intercom button by a visitor would initiate a call to the first phone numbers associated with it.

If not answered within the preset time (usually 55 seconds), it will dial the second number (if programmed).  

After answering the call, you’ll be able to have a conversation to the visitor at the gate. You then decide if you want to open the gate; press the allocate digit on your handset.

By using caller identification, you can register trusted people to open the gate with a missed call.

The unit can be programmed via:

  • SMS command send to it from your cell phone.
  • Secure G-web Interface

Calls from the G-Speak unit are charged; make sure to shop around before deciding on a network provider and package.

Talk time are limited to minimize call costs. Your situation may be different, but the calls are typically set to cut off after 30 seconds.
Let's Explore the G-Speak Classic Plus Channels:
The G-Speak Classic Plus controls up to four channels that can be programmed as either inputs or outputs. This is in addition to the two push button inputs from the gate station.

  • You can now trigger the gate with a missed call or SMS. Do the same with the garage door.
  • Switch the electric fence on or off. Do the same with the security lights.
  • link the electric fence's siren to the G-Speak Classic Plus and receive an SMS when the alarm is triggered.
  • Get notification if the gate opens, or stand open for too long.

Additional cabling and equipment may be required
What do you need?
You'll need:

A prepaid SIM card (it’s an open system and supports any service provider).
Check on-site signal strength of your preferred service provider before purchasing the unit.

Signal strength can be slightly improved by the external antenna that is supplied with the unit.

The SIM card must be:

  • activated
  • have airtime loaded
  • opted out of PIN number requests, voice mail and call notifications
  • enabled for number identifying and call initiations

Check the SIM card’s operation by making and receiving a call before inserting into the unit.
What about Installation?
The G-Speak Classic Plus comes standard with a two button gate station

It is therefore ideal for a domestic setup with either a cottage or small office.

Your visitors simply push the required button and wait for you to answer the call.

We recommend that the unit not to be installed near places where strong electromagnetic waves occur (not inside gate motors).

It should also not be installed in watery places or places with high humidity.
Setting up the G-Speak Classic Plus Intercom System
We will assist you to configure the system according to your specific needs and requirements.

This is done with a free and secure G-Web online interface.

Adding or deleting user numbers in the future can also be done with SMS commands. For example, a typical SMS command to add someone to your "Trusted List" will look something like this: P.1234AP.087899000.OU1

SMS programming instructions are available here.
Technical Corner
  • Gate station rated for outdoor use.
  • Power: 10 – 30 VDC
  • Power drain: Standby 30 mA; Max 300mA
  • Wire: 6 core between gate station and GSM module; 10 Meter
  • Network compatibility: GSM900/ 1800MHz
  • Operational temperature: -20 to +50 Degrees Celsius
Are you ready for a managed intercom?
You’ll be amazed by the flexibility of this G-Speak Classic Plus Cellular Intercom. Empower yourself today!

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