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Security Gates

Take a drive around town and you'll likely not see two identical gates. They are like fingerprints – no two are really the same. Tastes differ; entrance sizes differ, preferences differ...

A huge structure that was designed for the entrance of a mansion will almost always not work when it is scaled down for a smaller entrance. Similarly, a diagonal design works well for a long design, but may not work as well for a narrow tall entrance.
Consider the materials to be used in it's construction. Under-designing will come back to haunt you, especially if it has to work in a high traffic area.

On the other extreme, an over-design will put unnecessary strain on the wheels, guides and the motor.

Decide on whether you want passers-by to see through the structure or not. There is some loss of privacy when people can look through it, but research has shown that home invaders and robbers would rather operate behind a solid structure knowing they cannot easily be spotted.
Consider the side-effects of steel plates or mesh. It will vibrate whilst moving, making entry to your home quite noisy at night.

The same applies to notice boards fastened onto it; these should preferably be mounted close by on the wall.

Avoid horizontal bars that may create a ladder-effect, especially where there is no electric fence installed.
Design Considerations
Give special consideration to the size of the wheels. The minimum size that we would consider is 80 mm in diameter.

Wheels are cut with different rail profiles in mind. A V-shaped profile is meant when an angle-iron is used for the rail. A half-round shape is used when a round bar is used. Some profiles are designed to be used for either an angle iron or a round bar.
Pedestrian Entrances
A separate pedestrian gate may be needed for the following reasons:

It may come in useful to allow access to domestic staff.
It allows access your alarm company when responding to a signal.
It allows you entry to the property if the gate motor fails you.
But keep in mind that it can also be a weak link in your security plan if not managed properly.Change the lock when you have lost track of who has keys for it.

Also, pedestrian entrances built into a gate can cause damage to gate motors when they are not kept locked anyway.
Gate Automation
You may want to automate the gates at some stage. Consider this:

Two swing leaves usually require two motors and a separate controller. The total cost for automation is usually higher than for a slider. Many swings are converted to sliders.
Slider motors generally lasts longer.
Leave sufficient space next to gate posts for the motors.
Lay the electrical conduit when doing the concrete work. This will save having to break it up when fitting a motor later.
Don't over design a gate that you'll need an industrial motor to open it.
Determine the number of expected openings. Don't forget the pedestrian traffic. (Kids return from school, servants take out the rubbish, etc.).
Gate Monitoring
It makes a lot of sense to have a monitoring devise installed to warn you when it opens.

Not only will you be aware of any tampering, but it helps family members to look out for each other when someone arrives home.

Cameras are of great help to see who's at the entrance if you cannot see your visitor from the house. Activities around the entrance can be recorded which can act as a deterrent.
Gate Maintenance and Repairs
Should a gate fall, it has the potential to cause serious damage to people, animals, vehicles and structures.

A gate falling onto a human may cause serious harm, even death.

It is therefore impotant that gates are installed professionally not to become a risk in years to come.

It also makes it necessary to do regular maintenance, inspect the different components, do the necessary repairs.
What to do Next...
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