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Gate Repairs

Vehicle Damage
You will limit expensive gate repairs in the long run if you perform limited gate maintenance at intervals.

Should you however discover a defect, only attempt the repair yourself if you are absolutely sure that you are equipped for the job. Gates are heavy and can cause serious harm. Get assistance.

Repairs often involves structural work involving welding and grinding. It is best done by a professional team and should not be attempted by the novice.

We are experienced in gate repairs and are equipped for any event.

These are just some of the defects that will require repairs:
A gate that was hit by a motor vehicle is likely to suffer serious damage. It is not uncommon to have to scrap a gate in such an event.

However, temporary repairs are most of the times possible to at least insure a level of security while a new gate is on order. This takes about a week on average.

Gates frames which are not too severely bent can be repaired; sometimes even on site.
Rust and Structural Damage
Gates in motion are bound to assert strain on the brackets holding it in place.

Welding can become undone due to rust.
Bolts work themselves loose or break.
Rust will eventually make any gate brittle. A professional can determine if it can be fixed, or whether it needs to be replaced.

Gate brackets holding the gate up are fixed to pillars and walls. Any ground movement can leave the gate unstable; a danger to people and animals.

Wood on gates will also deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced in time.

Take action the moment you become aware of any structural defects. If you can't fix it yourself, call for professional help.
Gate Wheels and Rollers
Gate wheels will only give a limited service. The wheels and bearings are exposed to the elements. Excessive water flow over them during the rainy season can bring with it tiny sand particles which eats away at the bearings over time.

It is good practice to feel the gate movement by hand at monthly intervals and have the wheels replaced as soon as you suspect they are not performing sufficiently anymore.

With a number of gate wheel manufacturers and suppliers, it will come as no surprise that finding a replacement wheel exactly to the dimensions your gate has is virtually impossible.

Chances are great that a change of wheels will lead to a number of other minor adjustments on the gate:

  • The rack (or motor) may have to be adjusted up or down.
  • Lugs for manually locking the gate may have to be modified.
  • Roller guides may have to be adjusted.
  • Anti-lift brackets may have to be adjusted.
  • This job is best done by a professional.

Changing the wheels may result in welding and grinding all over the gate. This will definitely leave it's mark on the paint work.

Your gate guy will probably at most just do a paint touch-up after he is done. Be prepared to arrange to have the gate fully painted afterwards.
What if You are Left Without a Gate?
Nobody wants to be without a gate for any length of time while theirs is being fixed. Consider this if you find yourself in this position.

  • Ascertain if the gate can't be temporarily fixed.
  • Secure the gate with a lock and/or chain.
  • Contact your armed response company and arrange for extra patrols. Keep your arrangement with them in place until your situation normalize.
  • Your insurance company would probably require two or three quotes to have the damage repaired. Start working on that.
  • Work with your gate guy once the insurance approve your claim.
  • Where gate repairs cannot be done on a damaged gate, it is replaced by a new one. This may leave you inconvenienced for perhaps one to two weeks.

The Job's not done till after re-painting.
Broken or missing ornaments (like spikes and scrolls) can be unsightly. Have them replaced before the next paint job.

All this welding and grinding during gate repairs will leave the paintwork on your gate scarred.

A good paint job will require more than one coat and will take a couple of hours to do. This is a task that would normally not be undertaken by your gate specialist. You may want to arrange for it to be painted afterwards.
What's Next?
Pick up the phone and call me if you need some assistance with your gate repairs.

Alternatively, share with us your problem on the form at the bottom of this page. I'm sure we will be able to assist you with whatever your request is.

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