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Professional gate motor repair. Identifying the problem is half the battle.

A Gate Motor Repair usually involves an electronic components assessment and battery test. Gearbox damage occur when proper gate maintenance was not regularly done.

The most common gate motor repairs involves the replacement of electronic components due to lightning damage.
A faulty gate motor battery (some motors have two) needs to be replaced regularly.
Faulty or worn sliding gates wheels and swing gate hinges can be the cause of motor gearbox damage. Regular gate maintenance inspections should detect this before it becomes a problem.
Most repairs can be done by replacing a broken component with new on-site.

Suffice to say, components from different manufacturers are not interchangeable. For instance, a Centurion PC Board will not work on a Hansa or Gemini gate motor. As a matter of fact, each brand normally has different PC Boards for different models that are also not interchangeable.
Common Motor Problems
It is best to call in an expert for damage assessment when you have a need for a gate motor repair.

A misguided self-assessment is only going to cost you unnecessary school fees. The inexperienced may replace an expensive PC Board, while the problem was perhaps only a faulty fuse or a worn-down battery.
These are the main electronic components that may need replacement over time:

  • A faulty PC Board is the most likely cause of a gate motor not working. A good indication if this is probable is to determine if the break-down occurred after a lightning storm.
  • Another electronic component is the remote control receiver. It could form part of the main PC board (newer motors). It is an add-on unit in many of the older motors.
  • All motors have a limit switch assembly that is essential in stopping the motor in time. Modern motors uses advanced electronics for this.
  • The safety beams connects to the main PC Board. A faulty beam will allow a gate to open, but not to close.

You'll likely need professional help to guide you through all of this. Feel free to contact us should you need some assistance.
Battery Replacement
Most gate motors are battery operated motors (not battery backup). It follows that the motor will not work if the battery is faulty.

A gate motor repair could involve the replacement of the battery as well. A gate that becomes sluggish or seems not to have enough energy to complete the full opening cycle probably needs new batteries.

Every situation is different which makes it impossible to predict the life expectancy of a battery.

It is good practice to change to a bigger battery where frequent power failures are experienced. Have the batteries changed every two to three years.

Alternatively consider a slightly more expensive option an install a Lead Crystal battery that will most likely outlive that of the motor.
Rack and Pinion
Just in case you wondered about the meaning of these words:- the rack is the teeth running at the bottom all along the gate. The pinion is the gear protruding at the back of the motor that engages with the rack to make the gate move. Keep your hands and fingers clear from this area!

It may be necessary to replace or adjust the rack and pinion due to wear. You know that it needs attention when the pinion (gear) turns without the gate moving.
Gearboxes on gate motors can get damaged.

The most common cause is when the weight of the gate becomes too heavy. This happens mainly when the wheels becomes worn and not replaced soon enough. Regular maintenance inspections should pick this up.

A gearbox repair can be expensive. It is for this reason important you prevent this kind of repair by regularly test your gate’s movement by hand to feel if it runs freely.

Sand particles can damage the wheel bearings. Keep the gate area clean from sand build-up. Replace (or have them replaced) before it's too late.
Preventative Maintenance
Gate motor repairs are limited nowadays due to the high level of engineering that went into their designs over the last two decades or so.

Components are placed in such a way that negative effect of the outside elements are minimized. The electronic components seem to be less prone to lightning damage.

If you spend little effort on some preventative maintenance, you’ll find that you’ll very seldom have to spend money on untimely gate repairs.

If you do regular inspections on your gate and motor, you'll become aware of any 'new' noises. If it sounds bad, it most probably is. Have it looked at as soon as possible. It may save you a lot of inconvenience and unnecessary expenses in the long run.

If you look well after your motor, it will give you many years of trouble-free service.
What's Next?
Pick up the phone and call me if you need some assistance with your gate motor repair. Alternatively, complete the form at the bottom of this page and tell us about the gate motor problem you're experiencing.

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