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Perform Regular Gate Motor Maintenance for a Trouble-free Gate Experience.

A Gate Motor Maintenance Schedule takes minimal time and effort. However, it will:

Save you time and money in the long run
It will prevent you from dealing with a stuck gate (at awkward times and in adverse weather conditions).
Ensures a high level of safety for those getting in contact with the gate.
Avoid the following situations:

The Schedule - Things to Check
We speed past our gates when leaving the house or returning from work every day.

We don't give it a second thought until something actually goes wrong and it stops working.

This is a short list of things you can do at intervals that will limit the risk of damage or injury.
Dirty Gate-wheel Tracks
The bearings on gate wheels have a limited life span.Water rushing over it carries sand particles which will damage the bearings in the long run.

A gate motor maintenance is not complete until the rail isn't cleared of all sand build-up.

Fallen leaves in winter can also affect the running of your gate motor. Keep the rail it clean at all times.
Gate Movement
It is good practice to put the gate on manual operation once a month. Follow the gate manufacturer's instructions on how to put the motor on manual operation.

Feel the gate's movement by hand. By regularly doing this, you'll know when something isn't right. If the gate starts pulling heavier than normal, it may be time to have the wheels or hinges changed.
Limit Switches
A limit switch on a gate ensures that the ate stops in time in its open and closed positions.

It takes on many forms; a spring-like structure at the back og the gate motor, or a magnet fitted onto the gate it self.

A gate that slams hard against the gate stops when opened or closed is a good indicator that the limit switches are either faulty, or needs adjustment.

A gate that continuously hits the end-stops normally ends up with hearbox damage. Ensuring that the limit switches functions properly may save you from an expensive gate motor repair, or even an early replacement.

Fixing the problem may involve moving the limit switch, or re-programming the limit setting, or both. If you notice that the gate hits the end-stops, give us a call so we can do the necessary adjustments.
Worn-out Batteries
Most gate motors will not perform properly if the batteries are worn or flat (even with the mains on).

This may not always be noticeable during your gate motor maintenance inspection. But, when your gate doesn't complete its closing or opening cycle, and there are no obvious obstructions like a dirty rail or faulty wheels, chances are that the battery is nearing the end of it's life.

Conventional Lead Acid or Gel Batteries need to be changed regularly (about every two or three years), especially where power instability is experienced.

Lead Crystal Batteries are a great substitute.
Insects are drawn to the protection they get by nesting inside motor covers.

This unfortunately creates havoc with the electronics. Spray insecticide around it at monthly intervals, or use environmentally free alternative methods.
Excessive water flow on the motor can have an impact on the gearbox override mechanism.

See to it that any water retaining walls are intact and that it will re-direct any water and sand away from the motor.
What to do Next
Pick up the phone and call me if you need some assistance with your gate motor maintenance. Alternatively, complete the form below, mention your problem and we'll get back to you with an answer.

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