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Driveway Gate Automation

Gate Automation
There are many obvious reasons why you would want to have vehicle gate automation.

The temptation is great to rush out to the big DIY centers ang buy yourself a gate motor; after all, how difficult can it be to install?

What most people don't consider is whether that particular motor is the correct choice for your situation. The fact that your neighbor has the same does not automatically mean that it is suitable for you.

Read on and you'll see why.
5 Reasons for Gate Automation
The most obvious reasons are:

  • You don' have to get out of the car to open the gate.
  • No more getting wet and cold in stormy weather.
  • Maintain a higher level of security. It keeps opportunists out.
  • Keep the kids and pets safely inside the property.
  • It limit the risks of hijackings or home robberies.
Support Local
Having automatic gates were initially reserved for the rich. It was only after the mid 1980’s that it became a 'must have'.

A huge number of motors were initially imported from Italy. They were much more robust tan the local offerings. They were unfortunately relatively expensive and also very slow. Having not been designed specifically for our local conditions, they proved to be quite a headache when it came to the severe lightning storms we experience.

At around the early 1980's, local South African entrepreneurs started building and improving on their own gate motor designs. Some of them fell by the wayside; others persisted... The rest is history. Today we are spoilt for choice as a result of all their hard work.

Having your vehicle gate automated today can be done at a reasonable price and with the knowledge that you should get many years of service from it.
Adhere to the laws and by-laws applicable to the area you reside in. Also use some common sense.

An automated gate is not a toy It can be lethal if not handled correctly. Keep remotes and push-buttons out of reach of small children.

Ensure the correct electrical cabling to the motor. Many a garden tool has severed power to the gate motor; make sure it is installed correctly.

Ensure that the motor’s safety features are used to it fullest, especially with small kids around.
It is law in some areas of the world to have safety beams installed. However, be aware that safety beams may be used against you by criminal elements. If you feel that you have to have them for whatever reason, then make sure your remote panic button is at hand when using your gate.

Lightning damage are not covered by the motor guarantee. It is advisable to make sure that you have the necessary insurance in place. (It usually forms part of your building (bond) insurance).
Operating Considerations
Your vehicle gate is the weakest link in your security system. Criminals know that and it is time you also know that.

Some aspects to keep in mind with gate automation is:

Never operate a gate that you cannot physically see. Have a CCTV camera installed if you don't have a full view of it.
Guard against anyone sneaking through the gate while in its opening or closing phases. Don't turn your back on it, or drive off until it's FULLY closed.

Don't be distracted by cellphones, kids, and groceries when arriving home. Stay alert from the moment you enter your street up until the gate has closed behind you.

Not Sure What to do Next
Pick up the phone and call me if you need some assistance or complete the form at the bottom of this web page stating your problem. We'll get back to you with an answer.

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