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Gate Installation

A faulty gate installation can put others at risk. Whether you do it yourself of employ someone to do it for you, use this web page as your reference.
Gate Rail for Sliding Gates
The gate rail for a sliding gate must be installed level. A skew rail will put a tremendous strain on the gate motor should you plan to automate it at some point.

Consider these aspects when installing the gate rail:

  • Take into account any decorations welded on the gate front. Position the rail back as to allow enough wall clearance. 50 to 75 mm should be fine. Any wider and smaller animals will get through the gap.
  • Plan for the position of a gate motor and provide the piping before pouring the concrete. Allow for the mains as well as for intercom wires. Also allow for gate safety beams.
  • Although not essential, mount the steel base plate for the gate motor before pouring the concrete.
  • Something practical to consider while the driveway is opened up for the rail installation: Consider installing a large plastic pipe (sewerage pipe) across the driveway for future use. This is especially helpful where the driveway is not on one side of the property; it will come in handy when garden lights or irrigation enters the picture at some future point.
  • Supporting gate posts are sometimes planted too close to the gate. Steel rack are welded onto the gate when a motor is installed. Ensure at least a 75 to 100 mm gap between the rail and any supporting posts.
  • Anchor the rail in its own concrete foundation. Anchor with pegs, and ensure that the welding is done properly.
  • Fit appropriate brackets that will prevent the gate from opening (or closing) too far resulting in it leaving the rail and falling over.
  • A slope towards the rail will see soil creeping onto it. To save yourself a lot of future frustration, build a retaining structure to keep water flow away from it.

Higes for Swing Gates
The most common problems with hinges that we have experienced is that they rust to such an extend that they actually break from the gate.

It goes without saying that this may result in serious injury.

A few things to consider when fitting hinges for a swing gate:

  • You should be able to lubricate hinges used on vehicle swing gates. This is not possible with some types of bullet hinges.
  • Use the appropriate hinge size for the gate is must support.
  • Anchor hinges securely to the post. Build brackets into the brick structure if at all possible.
  • Consider the hinge positioning if planning to automate the gates. Consult the installation instructions of the motor you intend to use. However, the rule of thumb is to fit the gate on the pillar so it is no more than 200 mm away from the side where the motor will be mounted. (Fitting the hinges in the center of a very large pillar may make the automation later on a problem).
Gate Installation
When the rail for a sliding gate or the hinges for a swing gate is installed with care, you should not experience any difficulty with the gate installation.

The following are a few pointers to consider:

  • Nylon gate guides for sliding gates can damage the paint work. This can normally be overcome by welding an angle iron to the gate to accommodate the guides.
  • Ensure the gate end stops are in place.
  • Fit ant-lifting brackets. It should not be possible to lift the gate off its rail when in the closed position.
  • Fit lugs with holes large enough to accommodate a lock. Do this even if the gate is automated. There may be times when the motor don’t work and you want to manually lock the gate.
What Next?
Feel free to contact us should you need more information or assistance on gate installation. Phone me or complete the service request form at the bottom of this page.

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