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BPT Intercoms

The Unsurpassed BPT Intercom
The BPT intercom must surely be one of the best designed systems of all times. Its product is modular and can be configured for a domestic as well as very large and complex applications.

It has excellent speech quality and is ideal for installations where longer cable distances are required.

The initial capital outlay may be higher than with most other systems, but you will be rewarded with good quality communication for years to come.

We have systems that are still working as new after giving more than 20 years of extensive service to their owners.
Different BPT Intercom Configurations
There are a number of different BPT systems available. Configurations range from multi-wired- to two wire twisted cable configurations.
Multi-wired systems are designed around a power supply / speech boxes.

  • Small Applications - SI/200 power supply.
  • Larger Applications - E/305s power supply.
  • Intercommunication between six handsets - E/310 power supply.
  • Long distances; with intercommunication - E/320 power supply.

An entrance selector unit is an optional add-on where multiple entrances to a property exists (e.g. a front and back entrance). This enables you to open the specific gate from where the call was initiated; minimizing a lot of guess-work for the user.

This is a mains 220v system. It cannot operate directly from a battery; you'll need a 600w UPS connected in order for it to work during power failures.

This is a 'multi-wired' system. Each gate station call button requires a unique call wire to its corresponding handset.

Good quality cabling installed properly will ensure a quality system that will give many years of good service.

Cable length and thickness is typically as follows:

Up to 50 meter (0.22mm)

Up to 200 meter (0.50mm)

BPT intercoms require minimal maintenance. It is necessary to make sure the outside units are kept free of insects and ants.

Any repairs should ideally be done by a qualified technician.
How to Handle a Faulty BPT Intercom
It is virtually impossible for the DIY enthusiest to determine whether a fault is due to cable- or equipment failure. You'll probably need the services of a qualified technician to help you with fault finding.

Do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

Faulty units can simply be repaired; older faulty units are interchangeable with newer designs and can be easily replaced.

But more often than not, a faulty BPT intercom is due to faulty cabling.
Fixing cable problems can be much more cumbersome.
BPT requires multiple core cable. The average system needs eight core between the gate and the power supply.

There could be a number of reasons for your intercom's cable to fail. The most obvious is that it could be broken as a result of garden maintenance, or building renovations.

But cable failure will likely be as a result of age deterioration. The poorer the cable quality used at the time of original installation, the sooner you'll experience this kind of problems.

Fxing a faulty cable may prove to be a problem. For example, if an eight core cable is installed there will be no spare wires. In this configuration, if a ten core was installed, there will be two spare wires to use.

It should be obvious that the cable will have to be replaced if there are no spare wires.
What are the Alternatives?
You have a couple of options available once it is clear that you have a cable problem that can't be fixed by using spare cables:

  • Replace the cable entirely. This may involve breaking up paving and/or digging in the garden.
  • Gate stations up to four buttons: Consider a Wireless GSM Intercom system. This option allows you to keep the BPT gate station. You'll  then use your home phone or your cell phone to answer the gate. This option has a number of great features that will add to your home security.
  • Larger residential intercom systems: Consider replacing it with one of the many telephone intercom systems available.
  • Replace the equipment with a system that needs less cable. Consider the Polo or Commax Intercoms.
  • Replace the intercom with a wireless digital intercom (up to 70 meter range) or a wireless radio intercom (up to two kilometer range).
Not finding what you're looking for?
Not sure if the BPT Intercom range will do the job?

Perhaps the following suggestions will put you back on track and help you to look at it from a different perspective!
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