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About Us at Home Security
When Home Security Made Easy was established more than 20 years ago, gate automation, intercom systems, and warning systems were seen as luxury items. Product designs were elementary compared to what is available today.

The advancement in computer technology has since then also have had a positive influence in the home security niche. Products are continuously being improved; affording users a wider than ever range of options.

The home security niche saw many role players entering (and leaving) this hi-tech and competitive market.
It's all about you
These improvements are aimed at making high-tech security products more user-friendly, more safe for you and the family to use.

We have seen the industry grown; we are as a result continuously testing and exploring new developments. It is our duty to distinguish between the "geeky stuff" and "real" products that will enhance your home security.
So, if you are looking for someone to advise you on your home security needs, look no further. We hope that this website will help you'll find the correct equipment for your needs.

We have dedicated installation teams in Gauteng and surrounding areas. We also have a network of competent independent technicians countrywide that can assist.
Product Guarantees and Workmanship
You can be assured of products and workmanship that is guaranteed.

We have a client base that was built up over many years. Many of them are returning to us when improving or expanding their home security systems. It certainly proves that we are in a position to provide you with a unique service.
Systems Choices
We still see many installations where the product choices are obviously wrong for the job at hand. Some of the many examples are:

  • gates are too heavy for the motor,
  • substandard wiring, etc

We’ll work with you to analyse your particular situation and determine your needs. Together we'll find a solution that will fit your particular needs.
New Installations, Repairs and Upgrades
You probably already have a home security system in place. How do you go about when you've identified a need to improve on it?

  • Do you discard what you have and start fresh?
  • So you find a less costly expansion solution?

Our vast experience with home security systems will certainly go a long way helping you to make the right choices.
How to Get More Information
This website is designed to help you find out more about products that will enhance your security. Most of these products are equally suitable for home- and office use.

The website does not cover everything out there. So, do not hesitate to call us if you want to discuss products not found here.

Click on any of the links below for relevant information.
Alternatively, complete the email request.

Don't procrastinate - Your home security is at stake. Let's discuss your needs.

I shall gladly help you.

Ek sal jou graag wil help.

Ndingavuya ukukunceda.

Ngingajabula ukukusiza.
Cell: 083 773 6465
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Cell: 083 773 6465
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